Parsons • Digital Photo + Video • Summer '18

WEEK 2 | Wed: 7/18 H.W.

HOMEWORK: Bring your cameras tomorrow (+ charged batteries / empty cards) and one or two lenses you might want to use to shoot video!!! TUES, WED, or THURS night, please watch: STREETWISE, 1984, Dir. Martin Bell (and his wife, Mary Ellen Mark). 91 mins. Here are some additional resourches: IMDB PROFILE  |  Photo Essay by Mary Ellen Mark: “Streets of…

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“SELF / REVEAL” –» Due Monday, 7/23, 9am. Solo project. Take 3-5 portraits total (no more than five, no less than three). You have one mission with this assignment: to reveal something about yourself; something few know about. You may choose to put yourself or parts of yourself in this series of photos or you may not. That’s…

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WEEK 2 | Wed: 7/18 D.O.

AM: FINAL PROJECT CRITIQUE: “The Flaneur“ Trimming paper with Myles! . PM: Introduction to Photo Essay: SELF / Reveal (Due Monday) VIDEO!! Stop motion + time lapse! (animation page one + animation page two)! Art + Photography + Other videos!

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