Parsons • Digital Photo + Video • Summer '18



Due Monday, 7/23, 9am.

Solo project. Take 3-5 portraits total (no more than five, no less than three).

You have one mission with this assignment: to reveal something about yourself; something few know about. You may choose to put yourself or parts of yourself in this series of photos or you may not. That’s certainly not the goal of the assignment. If you do choose to, an off-camera remote will be very useful (or the timer on your camera).
This will be an extraordinarily challenging project for many of you. Your goal here is to be as revealing as you can be. What does “revealing” mean to you? Revealing doesn’t mean nudity (though it can). Reveal something to us about yourself. Get personal. You’re in a safe, welcoming environment in this class; push yourself beyond your comfort zone. Our best work often comes from taking risks; being fearless. Look deep within yourself—your insecurities, your fears, your ego, your past, your behavior, your privilege, your unflattering qualities, your history, etc. Let yourself be vulnerable, no matter how tough it is. Confront what scares you from within; confront the uncomfortable. Become a ‘flaneur’ inside yourself, if that helps. We want to learn about you here and we will notice if you’re acting or performing in some way. Show, don’t tell. This assignment will push you to a new level as an artist.

Here’s the link to the ‘prison bus’ photo essay I did (that gets personal at one point). Please read it before working on the essay. You’ll also be watching Streetwise, which sets a great precedent about honesty/vulnerability. Also, the above photo is of Nan Goldin; you should google her work and the story behind that photo; it’s another wonderful precedent.


  • Your essay: 3-5 photos
    These should be printed (classroom, plotters, or the durst) and also uploaded to your ELP.
    Any size.
  • A one-paragraph artist’s statement

Amy Finkel • July 18, 2018

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