100 Questions


Bridge Project #1: 100 Questions

We were asked to compile a list of 100 fashion-related questions that sparked our curiosity. These questions had everything to do with history to designing, from gender norms to sustainability, both broad/general to specific. These are the 10 best questions, most dealing with creativity and originality in the industry.

  1. Where do we draw the line between copy and inspiration?
  2. How can fashion be reworked/redesigned to create something new and innovative?
  3. Is there anything “new”?
  4. How can fashion move forward?
  5. Will fast fashion degrade high fashion?
  6. Who/what determines trends and how?
  7. How can fashion become more inclusive?
  8. Does fashion allow people to express their individuality or does it force people to conform?
  9. Is fashion a circular cycle?
  10. Should contemporary fashion designers refer more to the past and history of fashion rather than create something entirely new?

We were asked to create a 3-D object that had to do with our top 10 questions. Because I chose questions that had to do with originality, inclusiveness, and moving forward, my object reflects the problems of copying and inspiration. I decided to rework very well known prints from different designers by changing their prints to my questions. I then printed these new designed prints on  fabric paper, patterned and cut them out, and created this shirt. I chose a simple T-shirt with a pocket because it is one of the most basic garments and anything can be made with a variation of the T-shirt.


Questions turned into prints

T-shirt mock-up




Printing the digital prints onto fabric paper



Front View

Back View


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