A Leak in the Pipe: Oil Spill

A Leak in the Pipe: Oil Spill

This garment was inspired by two influential artists in the late 70s/early 80s, Klaus Nomi and Christy Rupp. We took inspiration from Rupp’s involvement as an eco-artist and her most recent work concerning oil spills, as well as the structure and avant-garde feeling from Nomi’s suits and performances. The hand dyed pleated fabric is representative of oil spill, while the structured shoulder pieces and form are reminiscent of Nomi’s characteristic Weimar tuxedo. This is a modern take on the two artists, a combination that inspires new shapes and forms and brings attention to a dire crisis, hoping to spark action.





Heavyweight cotton, synthetic dye, neoprene, striped organza, white knit, leather, boning, snaps, invisible zipper

This is a collaboration between Vivian Li and Zihan Sun. Photography by Yanting Chen.

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