Space and Materiality- Project 1


Description: For this assignment we had to conduct research about the history of symbols and how it inspires our concepts. We have to search for things that inspire our creativity and our daily life. There are various symbols around us that motivate us and represent who we are today as artist and as humans. Throughout this project I had to find what inspired me, conduct research, create a mood board, sketches, then create a three dimensional object with linear object about a symbol that inspires me.

Phase 1 Conducting Research

List 1 


Dedicated – just do it logo 

Positive/ energetic- sun 

Athletic- running shoes 

Adventurous- shaka logo  

List 2 

Earth friendly- recycle sign 




Shaka- The shaka sign, sometimes known as “hang loose,” is a gesture of friendly intent often associated with Hawaii, and surf culture. Greeting gesture, of friendliness. 

Nike check Mark- The Nike logo symbolizes ”Correct or Swoosh”. The hidden meaning behind the Nike logo is the wing in the air in the far-famed statue of the Greek Goddess of victory, Nike who largely influenced countless brave warriors. 

The Sun/ Light- Represents the positivity, and difference from the darkness. Light is bright and 

The check mark of just do it is a symbol for me to keep going and trying my best. In sports and in daily life this check mark for me represent a code to never give up and just do it. 

Bibliography- Nike


Phase 1 Research and Investigation 

Ximena Posada

September 14, 2018

Phase One Research and investigation


Description: For this assignment I had to write a 1.5 – 2 pages of a written research investigation & Statement-Proposal about my design inspiration and its symbols. I had to include a citation or a bibliography.

A daily life motivation in design and in my daily routines is to keep going no matter what. There is always a purpose to look forward and find the positivity even if there is something bringing you down. For me positivity and light go hand in hand as as symbol of positivity, future, and infinite ideas. Light is universally used as a symbol in many occasions such as, movies, literature, and art. The way I portray the sun is as if there is still more to look for, the journey is still not over, or sometimes a new journey has just begun. Light is the source of goodness and the ultimate reality of what is truly there. In movies or cartoons light is used when one character has an idea, or when something new is about to occur. We also go through a transition everyday that allows us to incorporate the light and dark, the sunrise and sunset every day. A new light arrives every twenty four hours giving me the sense of a new beginning or a time to look forward and plan ahead.

Every one gets there motivation from somewhere different, maybe it has been in front of you most of your life and one was not clear of what the symbol truly meant. Whenever I am blocked out of creativity or ideas I tend to draw waves. The ocean has always been a way for me to relax and find inner inspirations on why not to stop. A wave never stops, it is unstoppable, a naturally caused force that sweeps over everything in its path. It demonstrates force, strength, and inevitability. An wave is also symbolized as one of the strongest forces on earth. This symbol not only represents a strong symbol of force but also one of a free, loose. soul. This symbol ties in into my culture and where I come from. My culture is a huge inspiration to my creativity and to why I am who I am today. I am from a border city in Mexico that it about five minutes away from Tijuana, Baja California Mexico. These two cities are completely different and opposites in many ways but once you start heading toward the coast you can begin to see the resemblance. There is one ocean connecting the two countries, representing force and how unstoppable the people are in both countries that are so close yet some how something big separates them. Down the middle there is a wall that goes down into the ocean separating both countries, separating the biggest force there is, the waves. My biggest inspiration is definitely about where I come from and how I have learned to continue with life by being the light that is brought into this world everyday. Symbolism is the practice or art of using an object or a word to represent an abstract, unique idea.


Symbolism of the waves

Symbolism of the waves

Phase 1 Mood Board 

Description: For this assignment we had to work on an inspiration mood board that focuses on what motivates us as designers inner everyday life. We had to collect pictures from magazines, books, sketches, or pictures of our own, and express our inspirations on our mood board.

Reflection: This board represents my daily life motivations and inspiration that help me in the world of design. Finding each picture relating to my mood board was easier than I thought because of how much I related to the magazine that I choose. One of my daily inspirations is traveling and not being afraid to explore and I found a lot of symbols that represent that.


3D Mock up 


I cut out the shape and format I wanted the rays to be out of cardboard.

In progress 

I began by cutting eleven pieces to represent the rays of the sun.

I checked how all the pieces would fit together to make the shape of the sun.

I cut the inside of the eleven pieces in order to make the pieces into a linear object.

I cute the inside of the circle in order to make it into s linear object also. After having all the pieces properly cut out I put the rays of the sun in the center ring by connecting it with a wooden dowel.

I began spray painting the sun with white.

I added orange around the rays of the sun and on the outside.

Using wire: I attached the inside of the rays on the outer part of the ring with wire. I also created the chain for the necklace with thicker wire.

Final Product 

The final product was made into a sun necklace.

The Sun Necklace


For this project we had to create a symbol the represented us, motivated us, and symbolized us in some way. At the beginning I was having a hard time thinking on what I should do that truly inspires me in my everyday life and when creating art. When creating the mood board I began having thoughts on what inspired me during this moment in my life. I included many pictures of the city, traveling, and working hard. As I gathered all these concepts together I began having thoughts on what it was that truly inspired me and I could not decide between all the ideas that I had on my page. When conducting the research I also had the same thinking process as in the mood board. After finishing these two steps I was not sure what my symbol was going to be until I started sketching. At first all the sketches were completely different but when I started limiting them to about six sketches I notices the all had the same concept, positivity. 

All the things that I do I base then on positivity and having a goo mindset towards everything I do. For me light symbolizes positivity, so I decided to create the greatest source of light there is, the sun. I decided to create a sun symbolizing the positivity and light that motivated me to create art and objects throughout my day. After I deciding I was going to make a sun I decided to make it out of wood. Using wood and the wood shop is something that has just been recently introduced to me do I decided it would be something challenging and motivating to try out for this symbol project. Not every piece I cut was one I used for my final project, I tried various models and pieces in order to create one that would indeed symbolize me and my hard work. While creating this project there were many times I was not satisfied with what I was doing but I remembered to focus on my symbol and keep a positive mindset throughout the process and find other ways to fix it. This project took many weeks and time to create but with time management, dedication, and positivity, I was able to create a symbol that made me satisfied in what I had created. 

Throughout the project I worked with wood, wire, and paint, in order to create the sun necklace. In order to make the pieces of wood into linear materials I a had to cut the inside part of it. This was one of the most challenging parts of the project due to the fact that it required difficult skills on the machines at the wood shop. Without using glue I was able to bring al the pieces of wood together using wooden dowels and wire. Discovering a way to bring the pieces together without using glue throughout this project has helped me with my hardworking, problem solving skills. 

Overall, I enjoyed creating a symbol that motivated and represents myself. In a world that throws negative energy towards you, one has to remember to see the light and stay positive. 

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