Project 3 – Social Ecological Space: Space and Materiality

Description: For this project we

Phase One


Community Ideas

  • Lawn/Patio Chairs
  • Demographic (UPPER MIDDLE CLASS)

Being a part of a community that is fortunate enough to have decent sized homes with backyards/lawns or patios, we decided to focus on Lawn/Patio chairs and our target audience will be the Upper Middle Class.

The purpose of creating chairs for this specific sector is because lawn chairs/patio chairs are usually found in upper middle class to upper class residential spaces. Not only does this add cohesion and completion to the outer area of residence spaces, it also gives it a more comfortable vibe, in addition to being aesthetically pleasing. Since lawn/patio chairs are often either too basic or too fancy, we decided to create these chairs through maintaining a balance in both of the areas.

Through the three different -yet cohesive seating designs- our group wants to focus on the creation of 3 individual seatings through the use of common materials and connections(wood,tongue and slot joints,etc).

In order to ensure that our chairs were being made for the appropriate sector of the society (Upper Middle Class),  the following research was conducted:

In an exhibition in Moscow ( American National Exhibition)

Research connecting to our assignment  

For this assignment we had to create a sense of community with our chairs. So for our group we choose to design patio chairs that brings, families, guests, and others together in a patio. The chair I have creates is easy to move and transport around the patio, or even to take out to a park.

Ethnographic Observation Research

  • Outdoor community
  • Patios
  • I come from San Diego/ it is very common to have patios
  • outdoor gatherings
  • Lounge chairs
  • water/ weather/ sun resistance

Mood Board:


3D Model

Handels when the piece collapses / Easy to carry

Amber’s 3D model on the left and mine on the right

3D Model- Real Dimensions 

Technical Drawing 

Front view

Top view

Side view


Packaging For when chair is folded and ready to ship.
Cardboard box

Process Images


Final Product 

Styling Pictures 



After doing research, finding the correct materials, and calculating the right measurements, I created a patio chair out of plywood and rope. This assignment was on of the most difficult thing I have created but I really enjoyed the process and result of this stool.

For the research I looked up different styles of chairs and stools that are correct for patios and parks. I wanted to create something that was easy to move and transport without much disassembling. For me, growing up in California I spent most of time with my family and friends in our outdoors patios. It was our way of coming together and creating a sense of community. So for this assignment I wanted my chair to help recreate that sense of community and coming together in the outdoors. With keeping my design simple and neat, the structure and building of the chair took multiple hours. With going to the wood shop and making center almost everyday for this project, I managed to find the correct measurements after many tries and also the right materials.

The cutting of the plywood took multiple hours and tries to get the correct measurements for the chair to be strong and even enough. This was the most difficult part out of the whole process due to the uneven wood. All the cuts and sanding had to be very exact in order for the stool to work properly.

For the seat I had originally planned of making it out of plastic bags and braiding them in order to create a strong and sustainable seat. After many mock ups and tries I decided to change my materials and create the seat out of rope in order for the seat to be more steady and reinforced. I tried many different ways of threading the rope until I finally created one that most importantly was comfortable and had a nice design.

Once I finished this last project I realized that what takes a lot of work is what pays off the most, I really enjoyed the process of working with Amy group and being able to create a chair that at the end was a part of a collection. For our group dynamic we designed to create our designs but using the same color, white, and the same concepts.

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