Bridge 2 Experiential Site Analysis

Site Plan 


Site Section 

Body Measuring Process documentation + reflection 

Measuring bench with my body

For this Exercise I moved many different ways on this bench in order to get all the correct measurements and lengths. This Exercise was fun and exciting to get to measure different objects by moving around. This exercise gave me a greater understanding of how the objects is designed and is positioned.

Orthographic Drawing of Site element 

No/ Yes/ Modify- Site Narrative + Process reflection 










How does your critical engagement with the site shift or open up the narrative?

Reflection: This activity with the site made me truly understand how one feel comfortable in a public space and what portion pushes boundaries. I tried many different positions in order to get the ones that made me feel the most comfortable which were just sitting down correctly and lying down. This exercise was out of my comfort zone but overall it was an exercise that helped me understand the environment in which I was in.

Soundscape Data 

Reflection: This soundscape tells me that there is a lot of movement and different activities going on in the park especially in a Friday at 2:00 pm. I noticed most of the sound and movement came from tourist and people wanting to take pictures at the park. Most of the sound comes from people at the park and also the cars passing through the street. These sounds made me feel happy in a way that I notices the activities that others were doing were happy activities and having a good time.

Texture Mapping 

Textures in Bryant Park

a) Material the surface is made of
b) qualities of the material texture
c) qualities of your interaction with the experience of the material


  1. a) For the first one I did the texture of the lower part of a bench in Bryant Park made out of stone. b)  This texture was very rough and hard, it had a lot of bumps and little rocks in between. c) The texture of this lower part of the bench was difficult to trace at first but once I sat on the floor I got to capture the true essence of the stone.
  2. -a) This surface is made out of metal. b) This material is very resistant and strong, it is a drain in the park that has to resist different temperatures and situations. c) This surface was very easy and enjoyable to trace, I loved the pattern it created and how it transferred beautifully to the paper.
  3. a) This surface is made out of rocks and dirt.  b) This surface was very unstable and different throughout the small location that I chose. c) This surface was very difficult to trace in order to get a strong texture so I had to trace it multiple times.
  4. a) This texture is concrete located in the corners of the park that separate the floor from the gardening. b) This texture is very rough and bumpy along the way. c) This texture was easy to trace due to the way it curves and is places in a corner of the park. The bumps made me trace the surface more than once to get more detail.
  5. a) This surface is made out of wood, it is a patio chair located in the park. b) This texture is very smooth, strong, and easy to trace. c) My interaction tracing this surface was very successful and easy to trace, I enjoyed tracing one of these green chairs that are placed all over Bryant Park.
  6. a) This surface is the trunk of a tree made out of wood and rough pieces. b) This texture is very rough and different along the trunk. c) I had to find a good place that had many different textures on the tree in order to trace it. I enjoyed tracing the tree because of how different it looks on the paper rather than on the tree.

Sight and Taste

Reflection in Sketchbook:

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