Made In New York


Project 1: Maps 

Map 1 of New York City
Contour map including 5 Boroughs

Map 2: Boroughs, Rivers, and Bridges of New York City

Map 3: Manufacturing hubs of New York City

Map 4: Creative map

Project 2: Directory

Directory of The Bronx, created with Veda, Jakob, and Qiyao.

This is the pdf version of the final project, the printed out was printed on transparent paper.

Project 3: Custom Design

Final Presentation including all information of the project

For this project we had to design a table using two different manufacturers in New York City. We had to create ideation, isometric, and orthographic drawings of our own table. For this project I called two different manufactures in New York City in order to get estimated prices for the making of the table.


#1: Garment District

  • Wing and weft
    • reflection

      Reflection of Wing and Weft Tour

#2: IC Tour

  • Egg Collective
    • Reflection
      For this trip we visited Industry city in Brooklyn to go tour Egg collective, a business owned by three women who design their own furniture. This was a very cold Monday afternoon and after taking the N train to Brooklyn we walked a couple of streets in order to get to industry city. As soon as we got there I noticed the huge elevators in the building and how we al fit in one single elevator unlike in wing and weft. Later we were told that the elevators are used for the big machines and materials that are brought up and down in the buildings. The building gave me a feeling as if I where in huge ware house which I normally do not get in New York City. We were greeted by one of the owners and her dog which I felt was very welcoming and gave me a feeling of openness and I noticed she was relaxed even though there was a lot of noise in the background. I found the place to be very well organized and very spacious even though there is a lot going on. The noise of the cutting of the wood and sanding was a little distracting but entertaining to watch. There was a strong smell in the finishing room like really strong paint but we were only there for a small amount of time so it wasn’t bad. I felt that this tour was very interesting because I loved seeing and listening to one of the owners share her story of how she started the company with her two friends and how they manage to deal with the designing and business part of the company. I recognized some of the machines from the wood shop here at parsons, like the sanding machines but the ones at egg collective where bigger and stronger.
      Out of the three trips this is the one that I enjoyed the most and I lived listening to the story of the company.
  • Fodera
    • Reflection
    • This tour in Fodera Guitars, was just in the building across from the one where egg collective was located so we just walked through the patio in between the two buildings which was very pretty. This building was designed the same way as the first one and had the same type of elevators, very big and able to hold a lot of weight. As soon as we got there we were greeted by a very nice and welcoming man chichis now one of the owners. At first I thought this place was much smaller than egg collective but I was just arranged in a different way and was still a little smaller. First he gave us the back story in Fodera guitars and when we were standing there in the entrance next to the couch it seemed much quieter than Egg Collective. In the first part of the tour we got to see the people dealing with the business and computer work in the front and then we kept on walking to the workshop int the back. In this tour we got to touch and even carry the different types of wood they use for the guitars which was very interesting and we also got to see different steps of the making of a guitar as we kept going further in the tour. The smell of the place was mostly of wood and materials, and the sound got very loud when we were next to the sanding machine. We got to see the oldest machine they have in the workshop which I found very interesting to see how machines change with time. The atmosphere in one of the last parts of the studio that we visited which was were they begin to finish up the guitars felt very laid back and relaxed which I enjoyed. They played music in the back ground, and the one who gave us the tour mentioned it was sting and everyone working on the guitars seemed to have the same taste and love towards the music.

#3:Dumbo &  Navy Yard

  • Mark Jupiter
  • Evan Eisman Co.
    • Reflection
    • Our trip to Brooklyn was very fast and enjoyable because it was not a very cold day. We left from 14th street station and got on the F train Brooklyn bound. We got off on York Street station which is located in Dumbo Brooklyn. We made a surprise visit to Mark zJupiter before heading to the Navy Yard. I had already been to DUMBO but never to visit a manufacturing company. This experience was very different and interesting. The workshop was right in front of the showroom which I found to be very interesting and convenient for them as a company. Mark Jupiter is a furniture company, and I got to see the process of the making of some of there tables. Their space is big because they have multiple floors and have everything organized and set up by steps. I did not find it as noisy as other companies and I felt that it had a happy atmosphere. The workers were very nice to us and most of them waved and welcomed us in. When we finished there we walked about 10 min to the Navy Yard. The walk there was very pretty and I got to see more of Brooklyn apart from DUMBO. The security to get into the navy yard was difficult but once we got it I felt as if I were in a movie set but focused in manufacturing. The warehouses were very big and there was plenty of action going on. Once we got to Evan Eisman the vibe was very different from Mark Jupiter. First of all it was more quiet and organized. The men working there seemed more quiet and organized for out presentation as a class. They even prepared a power point which I found very interesting. Their method if sandblasting is something that I don’t find that common but I believe it was very interesting to listen on how they did it. They have a very nice view of the east River, the rest of the navy yard, and the Williamsburg bridge. The guy who gave os the tour seemed very interested and passionate about his work and past jibs that they had done. Over all I enjoyed this trip a lot.

#4: Astoria Queens

  • Steinway Piano Factory
    • Reflection
    • For this tour we visited The Steinway Queens Piano Factory in Astoria, Queens. I was very excited for this tour due to the fame and importance of the Steinway pianos. We went on a  Monday afternoon which was very sunny and warm. We met in Union Square station and took the N train uptown all the way to the last stop, Astoria-Ditmars Blvd. The subway ride felt pretty fast even though it lasted about 40 minutes. It was my first time walking in the streets Queens and I didn’t feel like I was in the city. Compared to Manhattan, Queens is very residential and more relaxed. Once we got to the Steinway factory the entrance did not feel like we were walking into a factory, It was very elegant and quiet. When I was walking in I got the immediate feeling that I was walking into something very historic and important. The lady who gave us the tour greeted us and walked us up to a conference room where we were given safety goggles. Due to the way she gave us the introduction I got the feeling that the steinway factory is very important and serious. The people there are very passionate on what they do and the lady that gave us the tour made it very clear that they are the best piano making factory. When we started walking around the factory I noticed it was very big with a lot of machines and factory workers. The machine that caught my attention the most was the Rim Press because we got the chance to see every step that goes before the rim goes into the press. Being able to see the process of the Rim was very exciting and different, something I had never seen before. The smells throughout the factory changed a lot going from wood to machinery, but the room that activated all of my senses the most was the one that was 83 degrees, where the rims sit and dry for many days. As soon as I walked in to this room my eyes became watery and the smell was very strong. The room was also very hot, it is a room with a beautiful view because of how the rims are set up but one can only last about 3 min in there. Overall I really enjoyed how the factory was set up and how I got to see how w piano is made step by step. The way they take care of the wood there and custom make every single piano was very special to see in person. The noise level throughout the factory changed depending on the machinery being used. Some rooms were very loud like the one where they try out the pianos where we could listen to different sounds and piano notes but then the one were the paint rims dry out was very silent and relaxing. I really enjoyed this tour and now whenever I see a piano I will check if it is a steinway or not. 

#5: Port Morris, Bronx

  • Miller Blaker
    • Reflection
    • For our tour on Monday April 22, we got to visit Miller Blaker woodworking which is locates in The Bronx. The Bronx was my borough for the directory so I was really excited to get to know the bronx a little better, this time in person. After researching a lot of manufacturers in the Bronx I was very excited to get to see how the manufacturing hubs in the bronx were like. We left from Union Square station and tool the 4 express train uptown all the way up to 125th street. The subway ride was really fast especially because we did a few stops in the express. We immediately changed to the 6 local and got off in Brook ave station. From the moment we got out of the station I could feel a whole different vibe from the other boroughs. It reminded me a little bit of Queens, I got a similar vibe from it. When we started walking south towards Miller Blaker the surrounding got more and more industrial. When we got to miller baker I noticed it was a very big factory and I found it very interesting how we entered through the loading dock. Once we got in we went to a conference room which reminded me to how we started the Steinway factory too. The guy who gave us the tour seemed very passionate about what he does and we even got to see the lamps that he has made which I found very interesting. The tour went through steps starting off from where the projects start out as orthographic drawing and isometric all the way to when they area actually being made. I found this process very interesting and I loved being able to see it up close. In the machine department the tour guide mentioned the CNC machine and we got to see it up close how precise the wood it cut and how everything is done step by step. Overall my favorite part was seeing how the projects are finished and how important it is for everything to be so exact. I really enjoyed this tour and found everything he said very interesting. Overall as a future architect I am very happy that I got the opportunity to visit a tour like this and meet someone so passionate and nice about what he does. 



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