Printer ink, water, canvas





– How to look at it/interact with it? How to experience it? 

At a first sight, it could be misinterpreted that I used watercolor paint and simply splashed different colors on the canvas; and it is for that reason that I decided to designate the documentation of my creative process as my actual piece. I would definitely hang the canvas on the wall of the class and make sure that everyone sees it before revealing the creative process.


– Explanation of how the work relates to the class project (or to your ongoing personal project)

After collecting and documenting different objects for a week, I noticed that my curiosity journal was filled with colorful images. Among the different images, I decided to pick the most colorful one and use it as my medium for this project. The picture represents the installation Salon Agaminstalled in Centre George Pompidou that fascinated me a lot. As a passionate of colors, I wanted to rethink a way of painting using an unconventional medium. I finally decided to focus on a performance that I recorded. The video footage presents my creative process, which is in itself the artwork because it is a performance. I was able to link this performance to one of my seminar piece that talks about how dance was a life-teaching discipline for me. I think of this performance as a score or choreography in itself because I had to repeat the same movements and do them in a specific order to get the final result.


– References and Research

Not directly linked to what I did but, Dustin Yellin is an artist that inspired me a lot during the evolution of this project because of his unconventional approach when it comes to using mediums.

Also, what I really wanted to do for this project is to try and explore new things. By constantly reminding myself to do that, I was able to push my limited thinking and come up with this new way of painting.


– What meaning, emotion or experience did you want to induce?

I think that is very important to understand the process and the making of an artwork and I want people to realize that by watching my filmed performance.



Story Board.


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