7.24 Final Poster

Mission Statement: To encourage viewers of the poster to properly dispose of and/or recycle their waste rather than littering. Litter impacts both humans and other organisms. It damages public spaces and makes them less enjoyable for the general public. However, it also can make its way (via storm drains or wind) into natural ecosystems, where it has far-reaching and devastating effects.

Process: Initially I was considering a similar poster set in a park rather than on a city street. However, in order to make the poster more relevant in an urban area and for the residents of an urban area, as well as to give it a more modern appearance, I decided to use a city street instead. The poster encourages people to not litter without showing it directly in the image by instead using an image combined with a headline that allows viewers to make their own inference about the message of the poster. To keep the hand-drawn style of the image, I added an “imperfect” hand-drawn border around the main picture. The main goal of this poster is to encourage viewers to see maintaining their city as their own responsibility, and that their actions can directly help or hurt where they live.

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