7.25 Brand Positioning

I will be designing branding for LIVMUN, or Livingston High School Model UN. LIVMUN is a club at my high school that is introducing a new Model UN conference this winter. We will be promoting our conference to other area high-school students, meaning that we will need standardized branding to give our conference a professional appearance, and documents for distribution at the conference.

Currently our club uses the following logo:

The actual UN logo is:

I’d like to create a logo that indicates we are related to the UN, but without using their exact logo.

Possible uses for the logo and branding include:

  • T-shirts for club members
  • Signs for the club
  • Presentations within the club
  • Materials for distribution to club members
  • The delegate guides (welcome and information packet for the conference) at our conference
  • Informational signage for conference
  • Website for club and/or conference

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