sketches for the Urban Adaptation garment(Safety/Defense)

the main theme of my first sketch is mimicry of authority/Armor/Weapon. When we were discovering China town, I noticed that the plastic bags are different from the plastic bags we often see at grocery stores. They were using red plastic bags for vegetables and the black one for fishes and the others. Also, for me, plastic bags are kinda mystery, because sometimes you can tell what is in the plastic bags, but sometimes you can’t. I always think that mystery are the armor that let people think that you are not easy to approach, even they want to escape from you. Therefore, plastic bags are the main material in my first garment. From the shape of garment, I try to make it wide and long,  trying to cover every part of body, so that it will give people an unapproachable feeling. The two red plastic bags which in front of the chest, because of the sheerness, I am trying to put something what I feel safe after I bring them along with me, it not only physically made the bags bulky, but also shows what I want to express. The design of shoulder is inspired by the Chinese armor during the war back to ancient China. This design add not only Chinese culture in it, but also add more safety. The sleeves is also inspired by Chinese culture. The long flowing silk inner sleeves merit is one of Chinese Peking opera stunts. From the material, you feel like it shows the beauty of people. However, in fact, you have to use your strengths properly, so that the express of you in Peking opera will be amazing. The bottom of this garment has some kind meanings. First, it looked alike the patten that ancient Chinese armor. Second, since it is layered by layered, it covers the person not only body, but her inner side layers and layers. This made the people misery and unapproachable.

the main theme of  my second one is camouflage. When we were discovering China town, I also noticed that the people who were selling vegetables still using the old tradition scales to sell their product, and what I have mentioned before that they sell vegetables with the red sheer plastic bags. Also, what they used to show the price of vegetables are cardboard which just inserted between the vegetables. Therefore, following these phenomenons, I generally design this garment so that in can be camouflaged pretty well. The top of it is cardboards with prices on connected with “scales”. The bottom is vegetables which raped with red plastic bags, beneath of it, is a green fabric.


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