Taste and Class Extra Credit

In the movie the Queen of Versailles the Siegels lived in a really unnecessarily luxurious and overly decorated lifestyle. Jackie Siegel spends way to much money on just glorifying herself in excuse to please her husband that perhaps only married her to be his trophy wife, since she was a beauty pageant and he has an obsession appearances and “beautiful women”. Jackie Siegel in the movie represented the perfect trophy wife definition, that she herself said that no one tells her anything because they think she incompetent of understanding the issues that her family is facing. even though she got a high level of addiction but because she’ve been filling that aesthetic appeal of a “beautiful trophy wife” for her husband for so long, her educated social presence is invalid to society because to them she’s only serving looks not brains. David Siegel surrounds himself with a certain style that only centers around luxurious appearances that proves his financial power to society and keep that social hierarchy of rich and poor very divided. His aesthetics are very misogynistic and shallow as he seem to be only interested in appearances and titles. although he takes care of his business very much but what he earns is spent to glorify him and his family. ‘luxurious’ is an important key word to understand the Siegels. There seems to be no space for ‘modest’ or ‘reasonable’ in their social mindset.

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