Essay #1

December 24th, 1998, the day I was born, to an amazing family, a great mom and dad, and to a life that almost as if everything was already planned for me. Where I would go to school, the languages I would speak, the kind of friends I would have, they were all certain. I was born in Istanbul, Turkey. I have grown up within many events. All those events have affected my life in both good ways and bad ways.


I don’t have any siblings, that’s why while I’ve gone through many many things, noone was there for me in my bedroom that i could cry to. -Here’s the disturbing part- I was born to a bipolar dad, and a very patient mother. They both are amazing people, but my dad’s actions made me grow up way before my classmates in school, and my friends the same age as me, did. I was more mature than everyone around me, starting from the point when I was 7 years old.


My dad would get very angry, most of the time, and he would break things in the house, shout at my mother, but when I was younger, when I would tell him to stop, he would always listen to me, because I was his little girl, his most precious thing in the world. My mom and I have gone through so many things, but we were always patient, we would wait for him to get better, and when we did, he would come to me and tell me that it was all an act, everything he did was only a play and he would tell me that whenever he acted that way, I should also play along. So that’s what I did for several years- well for at least 5 to 6 years. I played along, and just to think that none was real, none of the things he said or did was his real self, made me feel so good, so comfortable.

  1. Here is what I haven’t told you, my goal is to become an actress, a successful one, and my dad has a huge part on why I want this. You see, since he told me to play along, act along, I’ve realised that acting made me feel better about myself and others. It helped me get through bad times in my life, although they still happened to be bad times, what hurt, hurt less.

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