Derive in the Jardin des Tuileries – 1rst impressions

Following our reading of Debord’s work, I looked deeper into what the after war period was like in Paris. Believing that films give a very good feel of an atmosphere/environment (which was their first purpose) , I watch the few old ones I could find on the internet. I really liked the way the camera sounded and the mood the vintage filter gave to the images. Therefore I felt it was only right to use both for this project.

As we arrived to the Jardin des Tuileries and our group separated into multiple wondering individuals, I pressed the recording button and filmed in a very formal manner. I wasn’t interested in the details, only in the big picture. Then a crow caught my eye and I followed it, until I saw a sculpture that I went to look at. A gardener was making some noise as he was digging a trench, the sound led me to him and a statue, to another. I followed a lady, a car, a bird, a runner, the line of a bench, a rope and a trail of trash bags. I walked around a fountain, a lake, a fence, a bush, a tree and a statue, all of it for no reason. I was paying attention to details like the way the sun hits the leafs and the light tries to make its way to the ground or the way the dead leafs sound when i walked on them. I even got coffee and rebelled against the ordinary. I turned my back to the fountain, looking at the people (who were looking at the fountain) rather then the fountain itself. I found myself to wonder for so long that I got back into childhood, forgetting about worries, duties and responsibility. Therefore, I took the “bold” initiative of riding the carrousel (which made me happier then I expected).

Overall, I had a lovely time in the Jardin des Tuileries and believe I had the chance to experience it in a very pure manner.

Here are three of my raw videos:

Look away



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