Bridge 3:Community Toolkit

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DESIGN BRIEF:For my toolkit, I wanted to focus on immigration. More specifically focusing on kids that were separated from their families. From the research, I have collected the children are placed in what seems to look like cages. They are being treated like animals and many have reported that they have been abused. I want to create a toolkit for kids that will help them feel a little more comfortable. One of the items will be a toy. This toy will be gender neutral and it will allow kids to have access with something to play with. I have created a teddy bear and inside the pocket of the teddy bear is a card. The card would be used if they can’t answer any questions at a given time. They don’t have to fill out everything, just anything they want or remember. This is just to be used as a help when they can’t or don’t want to answer any questions. I think a good idea for a toy would be a puzzle. I created the design to be black and white so if they have finished with the puzzle, they can color it in. The next item that will be in the tool kit is a blanket. In my design, I have created a pillow that attaches to the blanket and it can be folded into the blanket. This will help prevent it from getting lost. The blankets they give the children are the types of blankets used for runners after a marathon. This will be a real blanket. Blankets, when wrapped around, can allow people to feel secure; this will help the children feel a little at ease.


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