Time Archive final

time archive book Claire

time archive book Claire2 time archive book Claire3 time archive book Claire4 time archive book Claire5 time archive book Claire6 time archive book Claire7 time archive book Claire8 time archive book Claire9 time archive book Claire10 time archive book Claire11 time archive book Claire12


This project provided a way to explore unconventional ways to portray time passing. I got to practice my InDesign skills and tell a story from my life in a visual way. I enjoyed being able to let my creativity guide me and take this project in a direction that was unique to me. It taught me to keep in mind how a viewer will receive my work and pay attention to how it would be looked at by someone who was unaware of my thought process. It is important to be able to express your thought process in a visual way that makes sense to other people, and this project helped me hone that skill. I am happy with how this project turned out, and I think I was able to display my message in a way that is different than anything I have done in the past.



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