#NerdyLang – Lauren Mendoza

  • Posted on: April 1, 2016
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IMG_0729Lauren Mendoza (Freshman)

In addition to all of the things I’m learning in the classroom, I am also trying to inform my higher self and make sure that I am taking time to learn and appreciate everything that I am. Which leads me to the first work, Your Illustrated Guide to Becoming One with the Universe, a small but incredibly enlightened book full of beautiful, simple illustrations that allowed me to connect with myself as an artist and a spirit. In conjunction with this I bring up the second piece, an odd article that made me, as a vegetarian, reexamine the way everything that exists in this world is connected and the way that all beings feel. It may not seem relevant to my studies, or to anyone’s at that, but that thinking is somewhat close-minded, considering how all the factors that come into play in the big picture inform our thinking daily. If we can enhance our connection to the universe at large, we can transcend the institution and reinvent ourselves as kinder and more in-tune beings. This comes full circle to the things I have learned ¬†at Lang, as in my time here we speak often about culture and the way it affects us, and the way we affect it. So what I’m wondering now is, Why not affect culture positively?

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