Emily Bode in Artnet

Emily Bode, BA/BFA Philosophy and Fashion Studies, '13, was mentioned in Artnet's "5 of Fashion’s Most Exciting Emerging Stars Share Their Favorite…

Ilana Cruger-Zaken’s Op-ed in Mondoweiss

Ilana Cruger-Zaken, Liberal Arts student, wrote the op-ed piece "Questioning Zionism is not allowed within the mainstream Jewish community" for Mondoweiss.  

Alyssa Ciardi in AMNY

Alyssa Ciardi, Journalism + Design student, wrote "Development will harm the wild birds of Inwood,"an OpEd in AMNY about preserving Inwood’s North Cove wetlands for…

Brian Lewis in Public Seminar

Brian Lewis, Education Studies and Literature ’08, published his essay: All of a Sudden in Public Seminar.  
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