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On Air

This project confronts data collection and attempts to prompt behavior change through the application of collected data. Specifically, this project deals with introversion vs extroversion and daily budgetary spending. I built a regulation device which counts the number of conversations I have in a day and dispenses an amount of money determined by my daily budge/conversations. For each completed conversation, I am awarded a portion of my allotted budget. I must talk in order to eat – or I must remain silent if I need to save my money. For me, I had to limit myself to $30/day and decided at least 30 conversations was a sufficient amount. Thus, every conversation I was awarded $1! There are some obvious loopholes in this device, however, that would need to be fixed in a second iteration. Rather than having to press a button to determine the beginning and end of a conversation, a sensor which could detect subtle vocal vibrations on my neck could be used in its place.

A video which describes how the device is used.

I am a Design and Technology Student at Parsons the New School for Design in NYC. I chew bubble gum and kick ass.

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