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K2OHaptic Police Response Hoodie

K20 Police ID

This project explored a realm which we are constantly surrounded by, but which our senses our oblivious to. Hertzian Space is the space occupied by the EM spectrum. The only portion of the EM spectrum that Humans can currently perceive is the narrow band of visible light. I wanted to create a new way for our body to interpret the EM spectrum which we are surrounded by. I decided to collaborate with James-halls-Colins from theĀ K20 clothing line who recently released their “bad man” hoodie. I wished to modify their original hoodie in response against the growing strength of America’s police forces. I intended to utilize SDR technology, a Raspberry Pi and an Arduino to scan and capture police radio broadcasts and then translate the signal into haptic vibrations. small haptic motors would be imbedded within the straps of the vest along with small LED’s to alert the wearer of nearby police presence. Additionaly, I wanted to find and implement a way to charge the users phone via the energy emitted from radio towers.

My initial presentation is below:

Studio Slide

following is the technical process which followed:

Projcet 1 Studio Environments Presentation

The project has since been postponed due to technical difficulties, but it is very much something I intend to finish.

you can follow updates on my blog.

I am a Design and Technology Student at Parsons the New School for Design in NYC. I chew bubble gum and kick ass.

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