The Collaboration Between Contemporary and Traditional Architecture – Time Final Project

For my final time project, I chose to design and construct a building that represents the different time periods of architecture in the western culture. My main focus for this project was how each of the in my features in the building demonstrates a mix of traditional or contemporary architecture. The reason I designed this building was because I wanted to incorporate traditional details, features and fixtures, such as greek & gothic revival, gregorian, early victorian, spanish and colonial style and brownstones with contemporary styles and ideas such as post-modernism, Style Moderne and the Interwar Skyscraper, Miami Modern, and greenwashing. I think my idea for my project is important because it shows people how architecture is changing and evolving over time and it helps them get a better understanding of it. The general idea is also important topic because it stresses how we are trying to build more green and environmentally-friendly skyscrapers and building to save our environment and it lets people understand what we can do to make a positive impact. The lessons learned from this project are extremely valuable for future projects because it forces groups or people collaborate different elements into one to create something unique and beneficial.


Integrative Studio Progress Report – 3/16

For my Integrative Studio 2 project, my topic is the idea of communication itself and . For my project, I’ve decided that I’m going to explore details of slowed down communication and the communication between people.

In detail, I am going be studying the objects of distraction and attention of others to view how certain distractions can distract different types of people including tourists, families, New Yorkers, etc. Since there are many things people could imagine that could happen, I want to conduct a study on how people start communicating with random strangers. Some of the things I believe can have affect on this are the climate changes, unique clothing pieces/physical feature, shared interests that is demonstrated in the park, or just two people start sitting on the same bench at a park.

Over spring break, I plan on going to a few locations to study my area of concentration. One place I have already been to is Battery Park in the Financial District. The reason I want to study the communication there is because it has such a wide variety of people everyday. It not only pulls in tourists, but it also has in a large amount of New Yorker’s who go there on a daily basis. I think that having a wide variety of people in my study will give me the fair results to what I am essentially looking for.

After I’ve gathered enough research through my observations at the park, I’ll be able to put together my study’s report’s of what really allows one another to contribute in starting a conversation with a stranger.

PROJECTED PLAN: For my projected plan so far, I intend to create a short-written survey to give to random strangers in the park in order to hear their input on what they think about meeting random people at the park and how they could/should approach it. I think this will be an interesting psychological survey, since no one has ever really done it before at the park. Incase people don’t give me or my survey the time of day, I think observing is key for my concentration at the moment.

Test Edit – Time Class

This is my Test Edit project for my time class. For this assignment, we were suppose to put together six different clips, followed by sounds for these clips that were already made or self-created. This was made on Adobe Premiere Pro CS6. Feel free to comment!