Mark Making


Mark Making was our first project in Drawing and Imaging.

This project aimed to develop a visual language by creating different textures in black and white. We started out by making small samples on grids. Materials were limited to ink, charcoal, pen and pencil. Examples of mediums I used were brushes, toothbrush, plastic forks, plastic knives and bottle cups. I explored multiple ways to make the marks different from each other, such as adjusting the amount of water in the ink and tilting the paper. In some cases, I combined textures together to build strong contrast (e.g., wet and dry media).



Then we made marks at a larger scale in order to get more familiar with specific textures.



Part 1

For finals, we were asked to to make 3 pairs of abstract marks juxtaposed with each other to express a pair of opposite concepts.

Stiffness & Softness

Tragedy & Comedy

Crowd & Loneliness

Part 2

We were also asked to to make a Value Scale of 9 steps, from very light to very dark, with each step of the scale made up of marks.

We also made a second scale (also 9 steps) showing some other kind of progression (sparse dots to dense dots, etc.).

1st row: I used sponge and ink to create a progression of concentration

2nd row: I created a progression of shade using my finger and charcoal.


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