IS2 Visual Culture Seminar and Studio Thesis Research – Proposal and Prototype Diptych

Part 1


Social media and surveillance systems have altered the way our identity and relationships with others are shaped in real life, since the definition of socialization and identity have changed as in this cybernated era which is based on a virtual code-based network.


In studio, my work focus on identification of a person, relationship and communication between people in digital era. That includes social media, standard of beauty and individuality. I want to contradict the digital and the analogue. The materials I have been using are resin, fabric, thread, wires and paper. The mediums are multiple. They are 3D sculpture, videos and digital printout. I choose each materials for different symbolized meanings as I’ve mentioned in previous posts. My seminar thesis is basically based on the research I have been doing in Studio. The topics are similar. My research paper will be an explanation of my work in Studio with a specific focus on social media and surveillance systems.


Part 2

Final Proposal

In final, the topic I want to focus on is the “diminishing” of human identity in digital era. By diminishing identity, I mean that people tends to hide their true identity or their identity is hidden by something massive such as the massive information and data in the world. And hiding one’s identity can be understood as one can fake their identity without people knowing. for example, we never know if someone we meet online is a real person, or if they are who they claim they are on social media. It is about the virtuality of identity.

Inspired Artists: Haley Bueschlen, Hannah GottschalkLászló Moholy-Nagy


Part A

To create a virtual and unreal feeling, I am interested in using elements in photography such as shutter speed and aperture. In the prototype, I tried different combination of settings on human body parts, such as, flash with low shutter speed and no flash with the same shutter speed. I also tried different shutter speed to get the feeling I expect.

Part B

In this part, based on the original photos, I further digitized them by using a scanner and Photoshop.

For this one, I layered two separate scanned outcome together in Photoshop.



For the second one, I layered the same scanned picture 5 times. Every layer has a opacity of 20% except for the first layer.


For the third one, I layered two different scan copies together.


Final Plan

In final, I will add more content to the photographs such as image of a document or ID card. Also, I might use a projector to add layers, or I can print on transparent paper. I think a snapshot of a human profile is more effective since snapshot of our faces are everywhere as a major identification of our identity.



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