Space and Materiality: the Semester!

Project 1: Wire Shoe and Shoe Box

Our first project involve wire making, projection drawings, and cutting and creating forms from flat materials. Our shoe was to be made of wire and the box to be made of chip board.

                Here is the shoe my wire model is based on:


Here is the projection drawings of my shoe. I tried to use various line weights to make some distinction in the features, but mainly to show where the shoe meets the air (it’s outline):

IMAG0962 IMAG0961 IMAG0960

                Here is a process shot of my wire shoe. I started with the base, and then added the lines to show the seams of the shoe:

20151003_212537 20151003_212609 20151003_212537

                Here are Process shots of the shoe box:

20151004_231235 20151004_231316 20151004_230720


Final photos: Coming SOON!


Project 2: Birdhouse

                For this assignment we were supposed to research a bird, or small animal, in order to design a house for it. Our classwork included building geometric paper forms. We then created a small triangle using sheet metal, to practice with stiffer materials.

The bird I chose to research was the red nose Finch. It’s about 2-3 in in height and lives in the lower part of bushes, close to the ground. These are the details I used to help design my birdhouse.

                Here are some paper forms I made. These are the ones that I used to model my final birdhouse shape:


                This is the triangle made with sheet metal for practice:


Here are some process photos of my birdhouse. The materials I used was plexi glass, wood, metal, and some wire. The wood section and the clear section are supposed to connect, like in the third photo. These two sections are the paper forms that I made before, but the bottom/top is open for them to attach. All the pieces are not firmly fastened together yet:

IMAG0153 IMAG0152 IMAG0155 IMAG0157


To attach the pieces together, I used metal brackets that were bent at angle to shape. And some metal wire to bound the holes through the pieces and attach it to the bracket.

Here is the final photo of the birdhouse:

IMAG0338 IMAG0337




Project 3: Wearable Object

The objective of this project was to create a wearable object that connects to body parts together. My project connect the elbows to each other and to the back. Here are the sketches I started with:

IMAG0176 IMAG0177 IMAG0178

                The materials I used for my wearable object were sheet metal, hinges, elastic, linear metal spiral, a black fabric (for sewing), a thin quilt batting, chain, and wire.

More Final Photos: Coming SOON!

suit pic 2 suit pic suit pic 3

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