Brooklyn Museum, Sketching + Mood Boards

Take photographs of works that you find visually appealing. The goal is to photograph and draw six objects from the museum using the steps below. Capture a range of objects from different time periods and cultural contexts. You have 25 minutes to look around the gallery, photograph and sketch your object before moving on to the next gallery.


  1. Photograph the object.

  1. In your sketchbook draw a rectangle that will be the outside parameters of your sketch. The proportions of the rectangle should correspond to the orientation and proportions of your object.

  2. Imagine relationship between the outer edges of the object and the drawn rectangle. Draw the entire object as a single shape first.

  3. Work from general to specific to establish smaller parts of the object within the larger shape.

  4. Apply shading and texture last.

Create a digital mood board in Photoshop by scanning/photographing and incorporating drawings and photographs from the museum field trip. Incorporate your six hand drawn images in the mood board. You can also include textures and patterns photographed during the museum trip. The mood board should clearly evoke a mood that includes a color scheme and a common theme. The mood board will be used as a starting point for the final assignment. Print the mood board in color and paste it in your sketchbook. Note: If you’re having trouble getting started google “mood boards” to see how other artists and designers share concepts in this way.

Mood_Sofi Mood_Skyler Mood_Sharmeen Mood_Gigi Mood_Anna

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