Sustainable System: Reflection on Circle Line Tour, Sep. 24th. Sat.

Throughout most of the history of New York City, the East River has been the receptacle for the city’s garbage and sewage. At the very first, “Night men” who collected “night soil” from outdoor privies would dump their loads into the river. Then the waste that was flushed away by indoor plumbing into the sewers, where it mixed with ground run off, ran directly into the river, untreated. Plus the landfill waste and garbages that were piles along the shore, the dynamic New York, and the East River became very polluted, and its animal life decreased drastically if we look into the earlier time.

And now, looking to the east direction if you are sitting on a circle line tour, the comprehensive water and garbage systems protect the New York City with their advanced sustainable technology, also, decorates the city in its aesthetically modern design. The metallic digester eggs have solved most of the waste problems of NYC by collecting and processing; the landfill factories next to the eggs deconstruct the wastes and recyclables efficiently; the tress help too. Chinese and French trees are imported and planted next to the landfill. They are vital, sustainable, also, global.

It is always happy to see such improvement especially when you see the polluted water becoming clean, people sailing, boating and fishing on Saturdays, or just sitting on the circle line to appreciate the metropolis. But you still worry if the system would shut down due to the shortage of energy, you still feel the stinky smell every time you pass by, and you still hearing the micro plastics problems while you are on the boat. It is like we are all complaining hoe bad the air or water and ourselves are polluted as we pollute the earth with our own hands.

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