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Half Moon in Gemini

Hana Lanzkowsky


CONCEPT: My response to what a saw in the Long Run exhibit was positive. My concept is to take two opposite emotions or happiness and sadness and combine it into one piece of art. When viewing Sigmar Polke’s art at the MOMA I loved how he combined multiple stories by using bright colors of shapes contrasted with black line art telling a separate story.


PROCEDURE: First I will sketch out my idea for how I want it to look as a whole. Then I will bring the line art into Illustrator for the laser lab. After that, I will cut my piece into clear plexi. For the other half of the work, I will paint shapes onto Bristol paper and then paste it on to the clear plexi.


DEPICTION: I will be depicting how a person can feel many emotions and how they can be seen all together. The background will be abstract shapes of different colors and in the plexiglass, I will be cutting a face that is breaking apart.


MATERIALS: Plexiglass, Bristol paper, acrylic paint.


COLOR: Bright colors like pinks, blues, and yellows to show happiness


APPLICATION: I will be using laser cutter to etch into clear plexiglass. Then once that is done I will paint another design onto a piece of paper and glue it to the back of the plexi.  


REFERENCES: Based on Full Moon in Aries by Sigmar Polke


For this assignment, we had to first visit the MOMA and see the exhibition The Long Run and find inspiration through either hatred or love for a piece in the exhibition. When I went to this exhibit I was drawn in by a series of prints by Sigmar Polke called Full Moon in Ares.  Sigmar Polke was a German artist who lived through World War 2 and in response, most of his art was a critique of German society. What made me love the pieces was the bright colors contrasted with black line drawings on top making one image turn into many. My concept is to take two opposite emotions or happiness and sadness and combine it into one piece of art like Polke’s art combined multiple stories into one work of art. Over the course of working on the project, I change the size of the project and my ideas for what to do with the background changes after I laser cut it. I thought about what colors to make the background paper as well as the colors of the shapes but in the end, realized that my original idea was best. Through this process, I got a better understanding of what the Polke’s process was when creating his art and how critiquing something in society through art can something be better than doing it through words. 

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