A Journey to Remember

A Journey of Self-Discovery. Or. Trip to Burning Man.

I wanted to refer not only to physical journey, but to internal process of growth. And even though it didn’t happen over the course of one week, there were a lot of interesting moments that triggered my interest to exploration of spirituality. I chose to talk about Burning Man trip i went on few years ago.

I am the worst person when it comes to sketches. I can start, do few doodles, but most of my process would still happen in my head, and especially the moment I feel I figured it all out, I’d abandon sketches and start actual work.

img_6821 img_6822 img_6823

Here are linoleum cuts i made. I’ve never done that before. Like with everything else you do first time it’s hard first, but magically gets better further.


I tested prints on different types of paper, using different ink and acrylic paint.


For the container I had different idea first, but then decided to combine the container together with booklet I was suppose to put images in, so i came up with idea of cube, that would open up, and each face would contain a print on inside. I wanted to make this project look a little bit like a performance piece, with me opening box slowly, and not revealing all prints at once.

For outside decor i chose Voronoi pattern, i created it first using online software, than translated it to Illustrator and cut out on laser-cutter.

This pattern has association for me with dry dessert crackled land of Burning Man.



After opening the top of the cube, you can read the general description of the journey.


Further, you can uncover first print together with it’s description.


That is what you will see inside the box.


I would call this box first prototype, and considering the timeline the last one, i cut it from cardboard and used simple thread to tie faces together, for second prototype i would use plywood and better mechanical connections if I had time.

That’s what you see after you untie all faces.


I wanted pages to form some sort of a ladder to support the meaning of my journey as self-growth.

They attached this way one to another with small round velcro-tape fasteners i made.

dsc_0546 dsc_0547 dsc_0548 dsc_0549

I also included some words on extra pages that formed the “ladder”, that conclude the meaning of the text associated with prints.


I almost wanted to title the whole project “The Time is Now”, i don’t remember why i didn’t. It’s the main point, and i included a souvenir-gift from a stranger, that looks like a watch without hands.

That’s how all box looks, when open.


And here are all individual prints with text attached to it.










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