Shadow City and a Palimpsest – New York, the capital of memory.


I started my route at 16 street, and right away heard the sound of construction – can be in some cases the sound of the process of creating palimpsests.

Fifth avenue is full of changing businesses, they come and go.

I noticed awnings, signs, ads, that are new or changing.

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The church was a Shadow City for me.

6 7

More palimpsests.

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I turn to 10th street here to discover beautiful historical townhouses.

17 18 19 20

Even though i saw few moments of restoration process, as far as i know those houses usually kept in as original condition as possible, it was challenging for me to find palimpsests here, except may be the idea of always changing restaurants.


Houses and architecture that reminds me of my city.

22 23 24 25

Some signs of palimpsests. Gates, window frames, old and new door bells.

26 27 28

I tried to record bird singing, which i know not easy, because of all other sounds.

29 30


My final destination – tiny park, i don’t even consider it a park. I discovered here Bernard McCarthy WWII Memorial.



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