Modular Design & Assembling form

This object had to be done as a modular, meaning that it is easy to assemble-dissassemble, made from few flat parts, not necessarily flat i think, but flat helps for transportation, and with a use of slots.

I chose to laser cut the cardboard, using just one symmetrical part that connects to itself and creates sort of molecule design.

This method is one of my favorites. I really love the idea of using the material itself to connect, and it was made really possible with an access to cnc and laser lately.

This was my file for the printer. The repetition of just one part.

While cutting cardboard i set a laser on fire… ooops. because i chose a chipboard in the settings, and power appeared to be too high. Luckily enough i had more cardboard, which allowed me to finish cutting on the lower settings.


Assemble process:

img_8048 img_8052 img_8054

Final result:



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