Bridge 2 – Mapping Traces

That project was about memory of the space and specifically of route.

Washington square park was investigated thoroughly, it’s history, it’s physical space, people were interviewed. We analyzed this information and brainstorm how could we create a map of memory of that space. Map of people’s perceptions of that space, leading to specific activities.

We worked on concept maps.

We decided to focus on sound and technology and their connection to each other and to space of the park.

Here is some thinking process, lists, schemes, maps, concepts:

img_8194 img_8195 img_8196 img_8197 img_8198 img_8199 img_8200

During the process of thinking, analyzing an observing the symbiosis of sounds and use of technology was born.

The idea was to show that relationship between nature and technology. Park’s natural sounds of trees and fountain are soothing, but on the roads of the park people are all stuck on their phones. I thought initially that they are overlooking sounds of nature, but research showed that actually there are so much noise sounds of traffic, people chatting, walking, that people find they can sooth themselves with use of technology. it turned out totally opposite from what I imagined first.

Ambient sounds fill out the park area as gradients shown on map.

Some temporary sounds, and technology usages were showcased by symbols, and specifically by emojis.


The last part of the assignment was to translate this map into garment.

We chose a vest as an armor, motherboards representing tech, and speakers. Green motherboards covered “roads” on the vest, showing connection to “nature” through technology. Speaker connected to arduino micro controller plays sounds recorded in the park.

img_7262 img_7266 img_7272

The look of the vest:

dsc_0801_1 dsc_0802_1 dsc_0803_1 dsc_0805 dsc_0880





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