These are the advertisements from the fashion brand GUCCI. Nowadays, we are still living in a society and culture that support the idea of males have power over females. As we look through any fashion magazines, it really hard to find an advertisement which females have equal status than males, or as the dominant figure instead of a sexually suggestive figure. In the left advertisement, the male model are standing in a dominant position, and the female model are bending her body to a sexy curve. She wears a deep V-neck short dress, which makes her even sexier in the picture. In the second ads, this female model, who wears this shinning tight skirt and high heels, is on top of the male model and the man puts his hand on the female models’ butt, act like he is spanking her. These advertisements are reinforcing the traditional gender norms, which is males over females. In Kaiser’s (2012) Fashion and Cultural Studies, “Cross-cultural studies indicate that in virtually every cultural context, male activities—whatever they may be—are considered to be more important than female ones (Rosaldo 1974).” We still can find this in nowadays society. “Jean Kilbourne’s (2010) film Killing Us Softly IV (the first version of
which appeared in 1979) details the ways in which advertising dehumanizes
and demeans women—turning them into sexualized objects and proffering
unattainable images of beauty.” This description from Kaiser tells exactly the same that happened in the GUCCI desert advertisements above, which shows women bodies are regarded as a representative of sex sells, they are consumed and disrespected.