Comme des Garçons, ensemble, fall 2016, “18th-Century Punk” Collection, fall/winter 2016, Japan, museum purchase. 2017.52.1


I chose this Comme des Garçons F/W piece from the exhibition Pink: The History of a Punk, Pretty, Powerful Color. The main bodice of this garment is a women suit with a short skirt, and around the two sleeves, Rei uses huge amount of ruffles on the exaggeration of the silhouette. Rei makes the shoulder and sleeves extremely big, which makes the whole piece more like an armour. In my opinion, this garment is an representative of feminism because  all the ruffles and the color of pink are relate to the characteristic of women, but the silhouette and the suit top also represent the power and independence of women. This exhibition is about how the public attitude changes about the color pink, from words like ballerinas, superficial and all things feminine towards the words like powerful and independent. In

Post images of one object from the FIT exhibition. How does you interpret the object’s use of color? Does your interpretation align with the designer’s intention (according to the exhibition and your own research)? How does your object participate in the social conversation about color and gender? Why do you think the curators included it in the exhibition? Include information from the lecture, website, and course readings to support your answer.