Reflecting on ‘The Stranger’ and ‘Travelling’

I am a stranger to the New school, to the city and to the people I see on the streets, as they are strangers to me. I have been faced with the ‘identity’ of a stranger many times and as a stranger one questions the norms of the environment in which they are placed in. They try to understand the norms of that environment and try to fit in by following them.

After reading The Traveller by Grace Paley in class we discussed ethics and how ethics and morality shifts from one person to the next. I consider it ethical to express yourself in a way in which you are not harming others. Art is a form of self expression though as all forms of expression one must be considerate of others when putting forth ideas. Grace Paley at the end of her short text goes against the norms and expresses her own ethical beliefs when she carries this child. She humanises the child and shows her moral centre.

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