Space/Materiality: Project 1: Abstract Artifact

  1. Describe your piece objectively, including the size, materials, and form. Be as accurate and specific as you can without trying to explain its meaning.

The piece is made out of wood yarn. Its width is about 7 inches, its length 10inches and its depth 7 inches. It contains lots of circular organic forms and the bases (the wood) is held together with the yarn.

  1. (Re-visit you proposal, in which you should already have the answer to this question.)

Discuss your inspiration for the piece: what objects did you work from and how do they contribute to your participation and sense of belonging in communities? Which formal qualities of your object(s) did you combine to create an abstract sculptural artifact?

For this piece I used to objects as inspiration: a little pink woven bag from Peru and a book. The woven bag is from my home country Peru, and therefore I somehow feel a part of the peruvian community by having this bag. The second object, a book, makes me part of the reading community. I am becoming more and more interested in reading and therefore this book represents a community which I am taking part in.

For the piece I used wood and pink and red yarn, I used the pink and red yarn to represent the bag and the shape of my sculpture also imitates the natural shape of the bag. The way the wooden pieces are stacked together and are bound together with yarn is a quality which I used from the book.

  1. Explain how your sculptural artifact uses planes to engage and define positive and negative space. How did your understanding of 3D space evolve through the planning and making of this project?

Include concepts and vocabulary introduced in class (see project sheet).

Throughout the making of this piece I became more aware of how different planes can manipulate the space around them. I used different planes to divide and create negative space in-between the sculpture. The yarn is a linear material which cut through space differently than the wooden blocks which are more solid and occupy more space.

  1. Explain how you chose the materials to make your sculpture, and what information they give the viewer about your sense of community.

I wanted to use more natural organic materials as that is what attracts me to the most. I therefore used wood and cotton yarn. I decided to use wood as it’s firm and solid. For the holding together of the wood I wanted to imitate the spine of a book, therefore I used something sturdy though that is at the same time quite fragile.

  1. Describe the processes, skills, techniques, tools, and joints/connections you used to make your project.

Reflect on one area where your craft is particularly strong and one thing that could be improved.

I had to first cute the wood out into specific shapes, then I sandpapered it down to create a smooth surface. I then created small holes using the drill to allow for the yarn to pass through. I used the yarn to attach the wood together and to do so I passed one thread of yarn through the holes created making a knot on the inside of the piece so it would look clean and complete from the outside.

  1. Conclusion: How is your piece an artifact of your communal/community identity? …If an archeologist found your piece in 500 years (in tact), what could they deduce about your sense of community?

It represents an object of my home and of my interests. The shape and material of the artefact is clearly organic and natural which represents my object of my home. The way the wooden pieces are brought together using a fragile material and the way the wooden pieces are placed on top of each other represent my interest for books. 


Rockaway Project

For this project I decided to imitate the waves and the way they roll inland. While we were in Rockaway beach I wrote down some poems and small sentences. I decided to include these sentences in the piece by writing them on the paper, though, as these were somewhat private I decided to roll up the paper and instead of having the writing being exposed on the outside, the writing is now hidden on the inside of the piece.

The poem on the inside is written both in French and English. The title of the poem is “Le cycle éternel de l’ocean” which translates to the eternal cycle of the ocean, that is what my piece is about.

Space/Materiality: Exercise 1: Wire

For this assignment I chose to work with a Vans classic old skool shoe. I chose this shoe because it is a shoe that I wear often and it is a simple sneaker design. This shoe design is very popular at the moment so wearing this shoe gives me a belonging to the community. When I wear this shoe I can connect with people who wear it too and create an unspoken relationship.

To create my shoe I tried to use a variation in line quality. I used three different types of line thickness and used the different wires to build different parts of the shoe. If I would recreate my sculpture I would redesign the shoe laces as I don’t think they exactly mirror the design of the real ones. Though I think the general shape and design of my shoe is pretty accurate and the sense of space it takes up is good too.