Reflecting on ‘The Stranger’ and ‘Travelling’

I am a stranger to the New school, to the city and to the people I see on the streets, as they are strangers to me. I have been faced with the ‘identity’ of a stranger many times and as a stranger one questions the norms of the environment in which they are placed in. They try to understand the norms of that environment and try to fit in by following them.

After reading The Traveller by Grace Paley in class we discussed ethics and how ethics and morality shifts from one person to the next. I consider it ethical to express yourself in a way in which you are not harming others. Art is a form of self expression though as all forms of expression one must be considerate of others when putting forth ideas. Grace Paley at the end of her short text goes against the norms and expresses her own ethical beliefs when she carries this child. She humanises the child and shows her moral centre.

Where is home?

When people ask me “Where do you feel most at home?” I tend to reply with an awkward ‘I have many homes’ or ‘I don’t have a specific home’ but these answers have never really fulfilled me. My whole life I have pondered over this idea of ‘home’ and have come to the conclusion that home is where my dogs are. My family tends to move around frequently, but my dogs they stay in one place with either my mom or my dad and that place is where I would consider my home. At this exact moment my home is in Belgium.

Silence in the midsts of chaos

Living in the center of Lima is very noisy and chaotic. One can always hear the honk of a car or the sound of drilling in cement as the workers fix the roads, or even just the loud chatter and music of your next door neighbour. Though if you really try hard, one can clearly hear the silence in the midsts of all this chaos. In between every sound there will be a moment of silence.

I used to take silence for granted or I would dislike it, though as I grew up the more I realised how important this silence was. However, one can also get fed up of too much silence and needs to balance their life with chaos. Growing up with three siblings, and all of us being around the same age, my house was never quiet, there was always a touch of chaos and noise. Though now thinking back I miss this chaos as I miss my siblings because here where I am now there’s too much silence.

The Land of Trolls

Norway to me is the land of trolls. This is my father land. As a child my father would read me fairytale stories about trolls in the woods around my summer house which was located far out in the Norwegian forests. These stories didn’t as much frighten me as trigger my curiosity. As a kid I would live for those long walks in the forests where I could try and spot the ‘trolls’.