Summary of weeks 1-3

Summary of first three weeks

As a person I have always been interested in people and how they work as individuals. Within the first week I was excited to study peoples passions and expressions through the exercises we did. Although I was absent for the first week I was able to get a gist of it. In the second week we connected beauty to nature which was something I really enjoyed as well. The Ted Talks were interesting and captured all different perspectives from the topic. The third assignment which was to go to Union Square Farmers Market was a little confusing for me. I walked through the market but I didn’t ask about amy of the produce so instead I did my research online. Being from Florida, peaches are a typical fruit year round but not in the north. Saying that, I research peaches and to my surprise in class I realized the mistake I had made. Although I made a mistake, it was a good learning experience.

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