Short Circuit Time: “Sheepish”

The Project: Using a simple movement, create a film reordering time thus allowing a new narrative to surface.

My take: The simple movement that I picked was putting on a sweater. A movement that takes no longer than 20 seconds to actually perform, the project became complex in trying to figure out how to create interest with such a mundane action – in a film that was set to be 2-3 minutes. I decided to focus on the specific movements from different angles – to show how the yarn stretches and compresses. Incorporated in the film is old footage of sheep from The Prelinger Archive. This was added as a contrast to the wool sweater and as a comical way to show the origin of yarn. Overall, the piece serves as an experimental sketch for concepts and ideas that I would like to translate into further projects.

The Final Video:

Storyboard for filming

Action: Putting on a sweater

Marissa SB

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