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AP & Co.

Agency that represents recently graduated artists.

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Fischli & Weiss Review

Swiss artists Peter Fischli and David Weiss created various artworks with the theme of collaboration. Most of their pieces were inspired by everyday life activities. What we would find ordinary in our daily life, they transitioned to something lively and interesting. A broad variety of works that include videos, photographs, sculptures and instillations depicting a sort of an exchange of ideas, poking fun of the everyday life.

An example of how these artists challenged the idea of the ordinary through collaboration can be seen in the, “Venice Videos”. These videos are monitored on small televisions in a dark room. The viewer sits down and watches the videos all at once. This instillation gave me the impression of what one sees everyday and how we take it all at once. Both artist collaborated in creating how one’s observations can be shown in one seating, absorbing it all in.

First Assignment: mood board

I’d say my aesthetic varies from romantic gothic to steamy tropical. Either really vibrant or gloomy dark colors. The artists I admire play an influential role in my creative and the work I create. I included one of the, Paul Gauguin, in my mood board along with another cut out piece from the Baroque period. I also include one of my photographs that was taken in Miami, representing the night skyline. The latin roots I have influences my aesthetic, as well, such as the spanish language and customs. 

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