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Hey, I’m Dash, Dash Porter to be exact. I am currently 18, yet experiencing multiple symptoms of a typical preteen boy. Why? Well I’m finally becoming who I want to be, who I shouldv’e been from the start. Anyways, I’v never been good at these things so I’ll just cuit to the chase. For high school I attended Academy for Careers in Tv & Film and now I’m at my dream college, Parsons.

For my final project in seminar, I was faced with my first research paper of my academic career so far in college.Naturally, I never liked writing, so when I read that it had to be 10 pages, and had to have an annotated bibliography, I already knew I wasn’t going to like this project much. However, I’ve never been one to just quit, so I wrote the paper. In reading the requirements, the paper was based on someone who inspires you and/or the reason you came here. I choose to dedicate this paper to my role model Renell Medrano, who in fact was once a student her and graduated about ⅔ years ago. But once I started research, not much came up about her in the database systems. Forcing me to make an abrupt change in who I was researching and writing about. Back at square one again, not knowing what path to go down, I just used my resources. I went to the library and asked for guidance. The librarian took the time to understand what I had to write about, then did the same with figuring out why I came, what I was studying, what style of photography I like, who inspires me. After receiving all this information, she then proceeded to look into similar photographer’s. By this point, she had narrowed it down packed, fashion photographer whose identity is film. Next thing you know, I had an aha moment, and knew who I wanted to write about,  Helmut Newton. The visual artist who forever sculpted the realm of fashion photography.  From then on, it was all about collection authentic facts about Newton and also being able to capture his story and message he was trying to convey. I utilized the schools databases, along side google to gather my information. I was a hard task, but I managed to pull through and complete my assignment. I started off with the question, who is the man behind the name and ended up knowing more than I anticipated, but am grateful for.  Overall, I used a lot of my finding in my paper, yet I still think I could’ve included more to better get my point across. I still doubt myself as a writer, so maybe I’m over thinking it.


I personally didn’t feel the connection between seminar and studio, whereas in seminar, we had to write a 10 page page, while in studio we had to make a two page spread dairy entire as if we were the person we chose to write about. The only thing holding the projects together for me is, due to the research I knew more than I would have if I was to just do the diary entry itself.  On the other hand, my research conveyed that everyone is more than just a name, especially well known individuals. While for me, it just opened my eyes up to how good of a writer I can be, thanks to the writing center of course. Even Though I did receive guidance, I was the on who actually wrote it, I was the one who came up w the ideas. For years I doubted myself as a writer, no I know I can do a little something special, but that’s only if I truly push myself. However, I still need to get better at researching itself, as in selection articles that are of high standard instead of just any article I come across. To me, the most successful piece of my paper was the reflection section. I’ve never been one who opened up much, nor deficiency ne who stat down and wrote how I was feeling, whether concerning my personal life or my education or career. Writing and my personal beliefs, ideas and feelings are just not things I feel comfortable allowing others into understand or read these things. Similar to the diary entry we had to do for studio, even though it wasn’t me I was writing based off, I Still felt as if it was my voice, because i specifically choose to write about topics I could relate too. At one point, I did get very emotionally, because it was too much to handle. I have yet to actually show anyone my entries, even though people keep requesting to read them.  


The project that was most important to my development over the semester was actually my final project for drawing and imaging. Where we were giving a topic, relationships, and could head in any direction we wanted. Strategically, I pursued photography. However, I wanted to step out my comfort zone and try something new. So I opted to go around the city and ask random individuals who seem to be in some form of  relationship, if I can take two photos of them. One being posed, which would be in classic black and white, while the other photo would be candid, and in color. I’m a sucker for color, so by forcing my weaker still to be the main focus and driving force of the most prominent picture, I knew I was really challenging myself. Moreover, I rarely had time to go out, asking random strangers questions about themselves, along with taking photos, so that also through my off completely. If I had more time to truly get this done, it would have resulted in a much better photo series. Likewise, My project isn’t all just about photography, it also incorporates writing and psychology, which is my second passion. The idea behind my project is that relationships come in all ways and forms, not just romantic and sexual as society has taught us. Also, that specific people in your life could be your soulmates, whether brother in this lifetime and lover in the next. There’s a reason certain people are paired with you and yall just seem to click right away, giving you that have we meet before feeling, knowing for a fact, that in this lifetime at least, you’ve never once held a conversation with this person before. What I love about this project is that it allows me to be able to put together the two things I love most in life, photography and psychology, while still being able to woah the views with my visuals, but yet actually inform them on something.


As for research, I learned that it takes time, it’s not something that easy to handle, especially if you keep putting it off. If anyone wants to have a college worthy paper and food research and sources, they must truly take their time to find what they’re searching for. Never half ass it. I personally still struggle with this some, mainly because I hate writing and I’m a major procrastinator, yet I honestly know that I can exceed to be an amazing writer if I just ut my all into the paper and research.


The main question I want to keep pursuing is who am I? Not only as an individual, but as an creative, as an artist? I started the semester off with this question, yes I have gotten some answers other times I’ve been left dumbfounded, but I have yet to come to a solid conclusion. Especially since I’m literally changing every single day, more so than the average person. Also, every semester, I enter new class rooms, with new students, professors, technologies and ideologies, which makes me reevaluate everything. In addition, I have yet to actually get any hands on experience in the major I came here for, so I really don’t know who I am as a creative, it can all tuly change in the next upcoming months. Yes I am a visual artist, but am I really a visual artist?


All I know for sure is, one day, I’ll influence a generation of lost souls. But first, in order to get to new levels, I must understand and work with new disciplines. Starting second semester, I will put this in to full effect. Watch, you’ll all be proud of me.

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