Reflection and Response

  1. There’s been plenty of inspiration for me throughout these semester in studio. The only thing I did wrong was not jot down the idea right away, so I don’t remember most of them. Hopefully, they are some how triggered to pop back up in my head. Howver, I defineitly would say the very initail project we did, where we focused on ourselves and our avatar really got me thinking. One, it got me to think about who I was at the moment and where and who I wanted to be hopefully in the future. Moreover, I was really inspired to do a similar photoseries for my brand. Which I do hoep to accomplish soon. This class also inspirated me to try out a few other material and mediums, stop limiting myself only to the visual arts world.
  2. One method I have come about in helping me get started is just playing around with different materials, or even just creating a moodboard. I don’t think this could work for ever project I come across, but I know it defineitly was able to help with a few throughout the semester. I still have yet to figure out how to tap directly into muy creative subconcious, it kinda of just comes and goes. I have to really force it out sometimes which I ht=ate. I feel as if it should come naturally, that’s why I question myself as an artist sometimes. But in the end, I know not everything comes easy for everyone and they just need to find their niche, hopefully I’ll come across mine soon, real soon.
  3. As I will continue to say, I’m not a fan of writing at all, so it doesn’t really impact my other creative processes. Maybe I’m just saying that because I don’t like writing so I don’t take it into account much, or maybe because I truly don’t feel it helps. I honestly don’t know. Reading and research on the other hand definietly plays a major role in my art. I can coem up w a million projects, howver, none would be powerful enough if I can’t explain it’s meaning and relate it to a bigger picture. Major of my art today plays into a societal problem where I had to sit back and actaully do some research before just jumping right in. As ffor thinking, it’s great to think before you just jump right in, while others it’s best to start making first and allow you ming to think as your making progress. Which technique I use all depends on in the moment for me.
  4. I honestly don’t know if my probelm sloving skills have changed much. What i can say though, is I due acaully need to work on my attutide in general to problem sloving. Because whenever I get to a problem, if I can come up with a solution right away, I want to give up. Now, I’m one to never give up, how I work is it just takes me a while, im a huge procrastinator when I’m having troubles. Sadly though, I don’t know exactly how to get over that and better myself.
  5. Criqtues in all just make me reeluated my peices, for the better most of the time. I always try to take all the feeback I recieve and incoprate it into my work without sarcficing what I really want to be there.
  6. No matter how much I work wiht groups, I just naturally like being aline in my own element. I can move the way I want to and do things on my own time. However, working within groups does bring about its kinks. Like it forces me to get my work done on time, which I really need considering I have no one up my back pressuring me to get my work done on time anymore. Also, I can come up with brand new concepts by reveluating everyone’s ideas so that no one gets left out. It’s always about compromise when it comes to group work, something I’m still learning how to handle.
  7. If I could come up with a project, it would be to make a whole magaine. Obviuosly this isn’t a solo excerise, even though I do prefer to work alone. The idea behind the mag would be completely up to the groups themselves. They would just have to hit certain requirments the teacher assigns. Ovbiuously do some research on the topic(s) they choose, look at other magazines for inspiration, actulluy explain where their inspo and ideas are deriving from and most importantly make it meaningful and impactful for others.

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