Cloud Selector

I’ve been collecting data of the weather on weekly basis since the start of this semester, to present it in the way of the cloud selector.

I was so confused about the sizes and how to make the data and images fit the squared holes on the other sheet of paper that is placed on the top.

For that, I decided to create my cloud selector using basic tools, which are my hands, pens, ruler, and scissors. It worked, so I added colour to it and it looked like this.



I brought this to class, then I was told that we have to do it using computer, so I did. I started working on Adobe illustrator and Photoshop to make the digital version of mt cloud selector, and it turned out to be like this.


I added a transparant picture of New York City to make it clear that is data is clocted fromm, and all about New York City. However, I had problems in sizes, although I was very carefull about it.

The main problem was in the top part, so I replaced the digital piece with the handmade piece. It wasn’t the best final piece, but it’s better than the good appearance without a meaning.


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