Interview Reflection

Community would be the main theme that came out of the interview. I always kind of knew why she wore what she wore, but it wasn’t something I thought about in connection with our culture (Judaism). Personally, I try to always wear my star of David, though she has a deeper involvement so it makes sense for her to wear more things in relation. She wears a lot of black as well, out of my family her and my dad wear the most color. It mainly stems from my mom who was in fashion, but realistically we all wear black because it is easy, not to mention slimming. If you throw on black jeans and a black t-shirt vs normal jeans and a colored shirt, the black outfit looks more put together. In a way, the black outfit also blends in, similarly to how it slims. I don’t think my sister wears enough black to make it so she blends. The driving force is it looks good and since she wears many leggings, it is the most inconspicuous color, and there’s a bit of formality with a black vs. print legging. Leggings are skin tight so black hides a bit more I’m sure. Seattle, where we are from, is a relatively grey place, even with the amount of nature there, so it makes sense that color isn’t quite so appealing to us. She talked about her size in relation to clothes and the fact that she doesn’t have much choice, which I think pushes her towards dressing in a modified uniform, leggings and a top or jeans and a top. I think she feels like there also isn’t space for her in “fashionable” fashion, so this idea of “timeless” and “every day” appeals to her. Let’s face it, leggings have become “timeless” now that society deemed them appropriate for daily wear, why would people go back to restricting clothing especially if its a chore to find in their size.

Her mostly black or dark colored wardrobe, as she cleans up for the picture.

A drawer of black leggings with athletic wear underneath. She wears black leggings or jeans on most days.

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