Shoe-to-Animal Process (Final Project)

This was what I had at the beginning of class Wed., Feb. 25th-  my actual shoe, my patterns, the cloth shoe, paper shoe, blue and grey fabric, and my sketches:



Lining up the patterns with the grey t-shirt fabric. These would be the main body of the hippo:

End of the day on Mon. March 2nd. This is after cutting out the fabric pieces, basting, and attaching two main parts of the shoe. Then I cut out the base of the shoe which will be made  out of wood.  Also, instead of three separate pieces for the toe of the shoe, I decided it would be easiest to overlap the three pieces and create one large one:

Adding ears- the first attempt and resolution:

Finishing the base and sewing on ears:

Almost done now:


You can see the final here!

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