Final Project: Process

First stages of object 1: the beer can. Just after hemming the top and bottom.

Making the pattern for the front panel of object 2: the swimsuit, and hemming.

Creating a wire frame for object 3: the lantern. I began by breaking down a picture of a typical electric camping lantern, measuring and doubled the measurements. I was trying to make a wire frame because I thought it might be easier to work from there and wrap the fabric around the frame. But the wire was too weak to hold the fabric.

Finished swimsuit:

Finished can:



Working on lantern (take 2):

This time, rather than creating a wire frame or just making shapes out of the fabric like I tried to do before, I used the measurements that I took for the wire frame and drew the lantern, then traced it onto tracing paper and made a pattern. With the pattern I created two panels, sewed them together and stuffed them.

What I learned about this fabric was that its disposable nature, while pertinent to my concept, made the material really difficult to work with. It shredded and stretched easily, and became considerably weaker with each hole created when sewing or pinning. It may have been easier to just fuse the plastic tablecloth together, although I’m not sure that the same stuffed animal look would have carried over.

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