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After gracefully viewing the three exhibits, Take an Object, Picasso Sculptures, and Gilbert & George: The Early Years, I’ve learned to appreciate simplistic things to create an underlining truth. All exhibits revived objects that were easily overlooked and gave them new life by utilizing them as a medium source. For instance, Picasso used his flaneur ideologies of animals such as a rooster, then continued by using forks as its legs/feet. Or another example is from a Japanese artist who used flour bags and wire to create three-dimensional, organic sculptures, in the Take an Object exhibit. With these exhibits, I resonated more with the Mind Flaneur assignment than the Memory Reconstruction because of these quirky mediums. However, I can agree that each piece helped define that era, and to give it more depth. In Gilbert & George, each house represented the era economically, politically, and artistically. Or with Picasso, his evolution of mediums over time (and change of lovers) shifted, but visualized his life spectrum. With my Memory Reconstructed piece, I want it to also capture this “faded era of life” by creating a lot of negative space, and faded memories inside. In addition, I’m also inspired by these exhibits and therefore desire to attempt in using objects that are simple to forget about, and thus attach an old memory to a collection of distinct pasts. Overall, it was amazing seeing these spectacular artist’s and their work come to life.

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  1. Mike Rooney · March 8, 2024 Reply

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