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Quite adventurously, we (Jo and I) sought to make a unique memory together by trying Indian food while using a foreign medium, audio. The concept sounded easy and similar to video, but would soon find out the complication and attention to detail the audio actually required. We acquired sounds, music, and ourselves, with the difficulty of balancing the three simultaneously. Unknowing how to record the experience with a unique perspective, we naturally began narrating what we viewed into a symphony of words.

After class discussion and a clearer direction of how to make our memory more unique and abstract, Jo and I could finally edit our fresh piece of audible art. Instead of making a written food critique verbal, we channeled our memory into highlights with an unclear sense of a timeline. In general, when one relays a past experience, they skim through all of the details and draw up the large moments that were distinct in the overall memory. Therefore, we began with the intensified sense of sound with the music that encased our ears. We decided to utilize the music throughout as a musical motif, but mostly for transitions between each highlight. For clarity for the audience, we also used a distinct Indian instrument to mark as the initiation and conclusion of the story. When deciding what memories to cut, we wanted to keep the memories that felt the most ambiguous, personal, and essential. Strictly keeping the narration concept out, we ended up with great instances that accentuated our reactions instead of motions. Overall, this audio piece colors the life the Indian restaurant brought out of us: confusion, stubbornness, acceptance, humor, and shock.

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