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On October 30th, 2015, I embarked to an unfamiliar territory, Queens. This place held MoMi, which gave birth a new medium concept to me- film making. I have always enjoyed films and the visual movement it creates. Yet I love film so much that I neglect it. I forget about the true art and talent with every frame, sound, lighting, set, costume or make up design. Therefore, I really loved the second floor of MoMi.

This floor, allowed us as the observers to understand and analyze the details that went into film making. Being in Fashion Design, I of course adored the costume design section (but was a little disappointed in its size). Apart from that, I also enjoyed the Sports Cast section and really took time to appreciate all of the angels, zooming, and precision that live TV producers/directors have to stimulate every time. I found it very fascinating since I have always had a curiosity towards what happened behind the scenes.

However as a class, our original intention for visiting was directed towards the stop motion section of the museum. I found it interesting the development and timeline of the stop motion medium. It only took one idea/concept, for the artistry to really take off. Unfortunately, I was a little unsatisfied by the scarce amount of modern takes on the stop motion filming. But nevertheless, I was amazed by the turning piece in the dark vs. with the strobe light. I found it to have a strong message, beautiful craftsmanship, and interesting facts associated with it.

Overall, I think MoMi was an interesting museum. It included history of objects, concepts, and mediums. It was varied to include all aspects of film making instead of one. I just wish I could’ve visited the museum when it wasn’t in transitions of galleries. Yet, it gives me another reason to visit Queens again.

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