Stop Motion Process

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  • What memory are you manipulating?

How cancer has killed and revived women, and it’s the scarf that brings hope and confidence.

  • What is your concept? Is there a linear story? Non-linear?

A head scarf becomes a woman’s who doesn’t survive, then passes it along, she survives among others and they celebrate and bring awareness.

  • What is the goal or intended purpose(s) of the project?

To bring attention to the cause, and revive the motivation to help find a cure, in addition to supporting women with cancer.

  • What is your intended length?


  • Tell us WHO, WHAT, WHERE, WHEN and HOW you plan to shoot. Be very explicit about each of these 5 elements. What materials will you need to make it? Where do you plan to shoot it? Will you shoot from one camera or two (One angle? Two? More?)? —

I will shoot with my digital camera, maybe with assistance from a friend. I will shoot on a portable table at home, most likely on November 7th. I need to check out a tripod and shoot downwards to capture it. Look at materials list for what is being shot.

  • Has any media work already been produced on this subject? Show us examples of these references and explain what is new, different, interesting, engaging about your approach?
    Style? (Any key stylistic elements in shooting, audio, editing, etc.). Show two examples (these can, of course, be from the list I showed you in class).

I kind of like Fleet Foxes: Mykonos, and the paper techniques with lighting they chose.

  • Will you have sound in it? Music? Narration? If narration, who? what? Would you like to edit to the beat, or simply have it play at the same speed throughout? Why?

I am using the song, Ready to Fly (prelude) by Jamie Grace. It really captures the storyline well and has a great length.

  • Who is working on the project and what will the role of each person be?

I will shoot, illustrate, edit, and might have a friend to help move each picture.


      • Title (0-3)
      • highlighting scarf and it moving,

finally drifts down (scrolls onto the head) (4-11)

    • woman getting scarf (12-15)
    • woman dancing, stumbling, scarf falls off (16-19)
    • woman changes into a dove (20-23)
    • scarf melts from ground onto 2nd woman’s head(23-25)
    • woman is crying into it (26-28)
    • Tear melts into mirror (29)
    • Mirror shows brave face (30-32)
    • Woman walks away confidently (33- 41)
    • woman hugs friends and family then family dissolves (42-48)
    • woman dances (49-51)
    • more women join with scarves and dance (52-54)
    • all take off scarves and release hair (55-57)
    • scarves begin to float up (58-1:00)
    • scarves turn into a ribbon (1:01-1:06)


a tripod and a lighting kit (or your own version of a lighting kit) if you’re going to need one.
lipsticks for tear/mirror?
black construction paper
white crayon or white colored pencil
use watercolors, and Bristol paper with exacto knife and paint brush (own)
ribbon as scarves
Background: black paper with white lines for detail
Subjects: colored pencil, or water colored paper
3D: ribbon for scarves

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