Fear: Electricity


Fear of Electricity

18x 24

Illuminated by the neon colors, circulating electric flower, and revolting warning texts. Like a fly hypnotized to the light, this piece draws you in with the myriad of details. It’s overwhelming amount of information and color, intensify the danger harm it equally withholds. Thus, simulating the feeling a person with Electrophobia has.

Photographs used:

Round light bulb, christmas lights, ceiling light, motorcycle, hairdryer label, hairdryer cord, telephone cord, lights from Loft Times Square, Subway sign lights, blurred scrolling lights from Times Square, Lyft billboard, elevator arrow, and lights from Starbucks Times Square.

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  1. Desy · November 28, 2015 Reply

    This was superb! I really love the design http://telkomuniversity.ac.id

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